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Interested in leveraging B2B eCommerce but not sure where to start?

Our results-driven approach simplifies the process into a three phase implementation strategy to help your company drive more business from online channels. 

Revamp your digital presence.

Our team will work with your company to develop a strong digital presence that effectively markets your products, services, and people. The net result of this phase is a sales-focused website that captures high quality leads.

Drive more traffic with inbound marketing.

Our team will implement a strategy to drive relevant traffic to your website. At the end of this phase your company will have a full inbound marketing strategy to consistently attract and capture relevant buyers.

Enhance your sales operations.

We will supercharge your sales team by customizing your termrelay catalog with automation, integration, and collaborative features. The end result is a system that makes your sales team more efficient.

Phase One

Start with a sales & marketing audit

Your website is ultimately an extension of your company's sales and marketing teams. Our goal is to learn everything about who, what, when, where, why, and how your company sells your offerings.

Competitive Analysis

We will take a look at your competitors to get an idea of how your company's digital presence compares to others in your sector,

Keyword Focus

We will identify the best keyword and search terms that resonate with relevant buyers. We'll focus your content around these terms.

Website Design

We will design and build a website that best reflects your company's offerings, people, and keyword optimized content. If you already have a website, we can update it.

Catalog Creation

We will provide a customized termrelay catalog that better enables interested customers to submit high-quality inquiries.

Phase Two

Attract customers with an inbound strategy

Turn your website into an active sales machine. By consistently driving the right type of traffic to your website, you get more sales.

B2B selling is becoming more about being in the "right time, right place" as opposed to traditional outreach strategies. Your customers will search for your offerings when they need it, and are more likely to purchase when they are actively seeking your offerings.

Content Strategy

We'll survey existing content within your sector and provide you with a strategy to attract new customers to your website with engaging content (posts, videos, podcasts, etc.)

Channel Analysis

We'll provide you with a strategy to syndicate your content across relevant social media platforms, trade publications, and other channels that can drive customers to your website

Resource Audit

We'll audit your existing staff and contractors and suggest where you should bring in external resources

Social Selling Training

Selling on social media is not like traditional outbound sales. We'll teach your existing sales team best practices to leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social platforms

Phase Three

Delight your customers with a superior experience

Leverage termrelay to provide an optimal digital experience for your current and existing customers. Easily leverage features like custom pricing configurators, integrations, unique interfaces and more to provide the ideal digital counterpart to your high-touch customer relationships.

Custom Configurators

Provide your customers with an elegant, easy to use pricing configurator for better-qualified leads and instant gratification.


Connect your termrelay catalog to your CRM to centralize all customer activity into your existing system.

Live Chat

Connect your customers to their specific customer representative via live chat every time they view your catalog.

Advanced Analytics

Connect your termrelay instances to an analytics suite to enable better sales and marketing decisions

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