Go Beyond a Catalog

Features & Integrations

CRM Integration (Hubspot)

Aggregate customer viewing behavior into HubSpot profiles

Enrich your CRM with customer behavior data. Learn who, what, when, where, and how customers are viewing your products.

Don't have HubSpot? Don't worry! We can support most CRMs.

Custom User Experience

Build a custom interface specific to your offerings.

Our team will work with you to design and implement an interface specific to your business operations.

Need to integrate with in-house data? No problem!

service customers faster

Connect customers directly with their account representative via Intercom.

Your business needs a sales portal, not just a website. Easily leverage event driven marketing systems like Intercom to provide a personalized, customer-support centric experience for all current and prospective customers.

Want to add additional self-serve features for your customers?
We're happy to build that out for you.


Capture your customer at their highest point of intent by sending data to Heap.

Bring your whole inbound sales strategy together by leveraging powerful platforms like Heap Analytics. Aggregate your termrelay catalog behavior into your analytic service/data warehouse of choice to get a complete picture of your customers and sales.

Don't have Heap? Don't worry! We can support most analytics platforms.

Expedite our roadmap

Sponsor Features

Help us expedite the development of our platform by sponsoring development of features.

Bespoke instances & features

Enterprise Contracts

Reach out to us to discuss large-scale customizations and private termrelay instances.

Develop your own solution


Leverage your own development resources to build the perfect solution for your company.